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frequently asked Questions
How does it work?
The website presents lots of boxes with different gadgets inside. By opening the box, you get one of the items that you can order with delivery to the nearest post office or resell to the store.
Am I sure I will get some goods?
We guarantee that when you open the box, you will definitely receive one of the items inside.
How to open the box and get the items?
1. Register on the website
2. Replenish the balance by the amount required to open the box
3. Go to the box page and click "Open the box"
4. Wait for the tape to stop on the items that have fallen to you
5. In the opened winnings window, you can immediately order delivery of the items or resell them to the store. You can also go to the "Inventory" section of your personal account and order delivery or sell the product there.
What is the chance of winning expensive items?
Items fall out of boxes randomly according to the website algorithm. If you were unlucky in the first place and got a cheap or not interesting item, you can resell it to the website and try your luck again. The more boxes you open, the bigger chance of getting expensive items.
Can I return an unwanted item and open the box again?
Yes, you can sell the product immediately in the winnings window on the box page or in your personal account in the "Inventory" section. Once the item is sold, the money will be immediately credited to your website balance.
Will I receive the exact same item as in the picture
We do our best to send goods of exactly the same type and configuration as indicated in the product description. However, the manufacturer reserves the right to change the appearance, characteristics and configuration of any product without notifying the trading organizations.
If you have questions about any product on our website, please contact our managers.
How to replenish the balance?
Register on the website or log in to your personal account, then click on the "Replenish" button at the top of the website. Then choose a convenient payment method and confirm the payment. Funds will be credited to the balance within 5 minutes.
After completing the payment, you will be redirected back to the website and will be able to open boxes and order delivery.
We accept:
Ripple XRP
What is the minimum amount to deposit?
The minimum amount to deposit is 50$
How quickly are funds credited?
All payments are credited within 5 minutes after payment. If the money is not credited to the balance, contact the support service.
Can I withdraw money?
No. The balance can only be spent on opening boxes and ordering delivery of items.
How to order a parcel of goods received from the box?
Go to your profile and provide your shipping address. Then go to the "Inventory" section, select the desired product and click "Order delivery". Please note that delivery is made by DHL to the nearest post office.
How to track my parcel?
Go to the "My parcels" section on your profile page and track changes in the order status.
Parcel statuses in the history of orders:
New - delivery has been ordered but not yet confirmed by the delivery department. Orders are reviewed within 24 hours.
In process - the parcel is collected in the delivery department or the parcel is in the sorting center of the postal service and will be sent on a first come, first served basis within 14 days.
Sent - the parcel has been sent. In the "Track code" field, you will see the track number for tracking the parcel. The total delivery time from the moment of order must not exceed 60 days.
Canceled - the shipment has been canceled. Please contact technical support.
Problem - there are some problems with placing/batching the order. Contact technical support.
Completed - the parcel has arrived at the post office. It is advisable to pick it up as soon as possible, otherwise the parcel may be sent back.
How much does delivery cost?
Delivery is made at the expense of the website.
How many items can I order at the same time?
We can deliver from 3 to 5 items in one package. If you want to order more than 5 products, you need to make several deliveries.
Where can you deliver the goods?
We ship worldwide. Delivery cost does not depend on the region or city.
Is there a pickup service?
There is no pickup. All items are delivered only through the postal services of your region to the nearest post office.
How fast is delivery?
Parcels are delivered within 30 days of checkout.
What happens if I don't pick up my parcel at the post office on time?
After delivery, the parcel is stored at the post office for a limited amount of time.
If you do not pick up the parcel on time, it will be sent back. Please note that if you do not pick up the parcel on time, there will be no refund or resending of the parcel.
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